The Golfing Machine Level 1 Class

In Level 1 you will learn the basics of the science that supports the golf stroke – Physics and Geometry. In addition, you will become intimately familiar with the terminology associated with The Golfing Machine. You will also learn the difference between a Rotating and a Linear Force; develop an understanding of Hinge Action and be able to differentiate between the Plane Line, the Plane Angle and Plane Angle Variations. Level 1 consists of 90% classroom time and 10% demonstration.

At the end of GSEB Level 1, you will have a substantially increased understanding of The Golfing Machine principles, including:

  • Basics of the physics and geometry that support the golf stroke
  • Terminology associated with The Golfing Machine
  • An understanding of Hinge Action
  • Ability to differentiate a Rotating versus a Linear Force
  • Ability to differentiate the Plane Line, the Plane Angle and Plane Angle Variations

To complete the Level 1 class the student will have defined 50 concepts plus successfully passed a written test.

This is a four-day school consisting of 32 hours of class time.

The Golfing Machine Level 2 Class

In Level 2 you will continue to explore the science that supports the golf stroke -- Physics, Geometry and their application. You will begin applying the Level 1 concepts in a teaching environment using Stage 1 and 2 curriculum. Level 2 will further develop your ability to convey the information in a real world setting. Each day in Level 2 you will have classroom time and practical application on the range.

At the end of this course you will have developed an applied understanding of The Golfing Machine.

Passing the Level 2 consists of three exams: a visual test to recognize G.O.L.F. concepts, a verbal test and a written test.

Level 2 will be 60% classroom and 40% demonstration.

This is a four-day school consisting of 32 hours of class and range time.

The Golfing Machine “Golf Stroke Engineer Master” (GSEM)

Continuing with the knowledge from the TGM Level 1 and Level 2, here you will become more intimately familiar with the text “The Golfing Machine.” You will refine your understanding of Swinging and Hitting Component Variations, as well as your ability to identify Components and their relationships to one another. You will also develop a mastery of demonstrating and applying different concepts to your students.

An agreed upon subject is the basis for the Masters paper, which not only allows the student the ability to explore a topic in depth, but also supports understanding The Golfing Machine at the next level. Some Masters students have demonstrated their expertise by presenting their paper to fellow Authorized Instructors at The Golfing Machine’s Annual Teaching Summit.

The completion and passing of TGM Level 1 and Level 2 classes and one year of active participation as an Authorized Instructor are prerequisites to registering for the GSEM class. Students must attend each day, complete written, oral and demonstration testing and complete their Masters paper before they receive their Masters certificate.

This is a six-day school consisting of 48 hours of class and range time.

The Golfing Machine “Golf Stroke Engineer Doctor” (GSED)

The GSED course is the culmination of the GSEB and GSEM levels. To apply for the Doctorate program, a student must:

Complete all the GSEM requirements before being accepted into the "D" program.

The candidate must take or be enrolled in BIA Level 1 before being accepted into the "D" program.

  • The candidate must write a letter to The Golfng Machine, LLC outlining his accomplishments, detailed list of objectives he wants to achieve during the "D" program.
  • The "D" program may take up to two years for the candidate to compete as this program is designed with the interests of each candidate in mind. Each candidate will be able to discuss all TGM concepts chapter and verse without aide of the text. He will know all Chapter titles, sub-titles and content within. He will have at his disposal the sum total of Mr. Kelley's work and be able to discuss and debate the concepts that lie within the text.
  • He must pass a written tests and an oral exams, plus write a thesis which will consumate his experience of the "D" program.

The Golfing Machine “Golf Stroke Engineer Educator” (GSEE)

The GSEE designation is one which Mr. Kelley outlined and now is a reality. This is the ultimate designation in The Golfing Machine organization. Those who achieve the rare and coveted GSEE have a vast accumulation of Golfing Machine, Biomechanical, Physics, Psychology and Business acumen. These rare individuals have the ability to explain all facets of The Golfing Machine, The Biomechanical Integration Approach to beginning golfers to golf instructors and tourament professionals. This consumate crown in The Golfing Machine organization places these individuals at the pinacle of the golf education profession.