Golf Professionals

Whether it’s through the Internet, watching The Golf Channel or reading the latest book on the golf swing, you and your students are bombarded with information (and misinformation) about the golf swing. As an instructor, you need the most reliable, accurate and fact-based information available to successfully guide your students – but where can you find it?

Since 1969 Homer Kelley’s “The Golfing Machine” textbook has provided this fact-based approach to teaching the golf stroke. The text relies on science – simple geometry and basic physics – to provide a standard method of teaching golf that is consistent, reliable and most importantly, based on fact.

As new books and breakthrough teaching fads come and go, “The Golfing Machine” has maintained its premier status as the most widely used textbook on golf instruction in the world. That’s more than 35 years of successful, fact-based golf instruction that can take your teaching to its optimum level.

As a professional golf instructor, when you learn the scientific facts behind the golf swing, you will be able to easily decipher good information from bad. You will be assured the answers to your students’ questions are accurate, knowing your responses are based on proven science. And, using our definitive approach to teaching the golf stroke, you and your students will benefit from a more productive and satisfying lesson experience.

At The Golfing Machine we are raising the bar for golf instruction worldwide. We invite you to advance your teaching skills through our Authorized Instructor program.