Amateur Golfers

Do you wish your golf instructor could look at your golf swing and tell you exactly what is working well and what needs help? Would you like your golf instructor to give you the facts used to describe what you are feeling as you swing a golf club? Would you like to improve your game through a better, more consistent golf swing? Do you think any of this is possible?

All of it is possible! Our Authorized Instructors are dedicated to cutting through the clutter of misinformation about the golf swing with hard facts that can improve every student’s golf stroke. Trained to scientifically assess your golf stroke, our instructors can quickly identify problems and make adjustments tailored specifically to your swing pattern. They teach with clear, fact-based lesson plans to give you the most productive and rewarding golf lessons possible. You will understand your golf swing better than ever, and your game will show immediate results.

The Golfing Machine’s Authorized Instructors have been improving golf strokes since 1969. Consistently recognized by top golf publications and organizations around the world for their teaching accomplishments, our Authorized Instructors are dedicated to raising the bar for golf instruction. Don’t wait – contact one of our Authorized Instructors to maximize your golf swing now!