What you need to know about The Golfing Machine

What you need to know about The Golfing Machine

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19 August 2012

Mr. Homer Kelley was very knowledgeable about the golf motion when he wrote The Golfing Machine. As many of you know he began his review of golf information with the simple thought of creating information that was concrete and reliable. Although, Mr. Kelley had great respect for Golf Professionals and their enthusiasm, he was looking for information that was founded in geometry, trigonometry and physics.

After a day of practice he was leaving the driving range with Mrs. Kelley, he stopped and looked at a man who he had seen practicing almost daily. He said to Mrs. Kelley that the only thing that man needed was a little “concrete” information. Mrs. Kelley replied with all the information you have collected over the years you should write it down. These simple words turned Mr. Kelley’s internal search for “concrete” golf information into the external work The Golfing Machine.

Mr. Kelley was a logical, thoughtful and vibrant man. Because mechanical structures, relationships and operations had streamed through his life and work as an engineer’s assistant at Boeing, he was able to make analogies from those worlds into golf. For example, although the Left Shoulder is not a “real” Hinge it can operate like one. Another analogy he made was the “Trigger” that begins the firing of the Power Package; is it a “real” trigger” NO, it is an analogy. When this “Trigger” fires it allows the Left Wrist to Uncock (release) just like pulling a trigger on a gun releases the hammer toward the butt of the bullet. Notice that the word cock is analogous to the cocking and firing of the hammer on a gun. This is a pure mechanical thought that he brought into golf to make it easier to understand.

Lastly, on the very first printed page since the first edition in 1969 Mr. Kelley wrote: The Golfing Machine: its construction, operation and adjustment. When you take instruction from an Authorized Instructor of The Golfing Machine he will treat your golf motion as if it were a machine. He will assist you in constructing a motion that will work for you, not one that is a fad or based on opinion.

As Mr. Kelley was so fond of saying “Happy Golfing,” when you are operating YOUR motion based on concrete information you will become happier golfer.