The Struggle for Consistency

The Struggle for Consistency


25 February 2013

The struggle for consistency!

During my 30 years as a Golfing Machine Instructor one glaring problem continues to affect golfers - they seldom align themselves the same way twice in a row and then they complain that they lack consistency.

When a chef constantly changes ingredients he cannot expect his food to have a consistent flavor, if a painter constantly changes his color palette he cannot expect to have the same tones or colors. When a golfer constantly changes his alignments he cannot expect consistent results.

The current fad in golf is to purchase two colored sticks and place them on the ground parallel to each other. This idea in principle is good; but what are the golfers’ alignments to these sticks? How is he aligning his hands to the clubface? Is he aligning the clubface properly to the target line? Is he aligning his grip properly to the clubface? How is he aligning his arms to the club and to each other? These questions are atypical for most golfers or their instructors. Most of them are simply looking at the outcome – ball flight and then reacting to it. However, ball flight is only one factor of the equation and it does not always give you useable feedback. If you only rely on ball flight then you will always be a slave to it if you understand the components which create ball flight then you will master your game

Since most golfers overlook these alignments and their golf professionals do not know how to assist their students with these alignments then the struggle for consistency will continue. Remember if you continue to change the ingredients then the outcome will always be different. If you want to be more a more consistent golfer then go see an Authorized Instructor of The Golfing Machine who can assist you with learning how to align yourself properly so you can begin to get a consistent result.