The 411 on mass produced magazine articles and video for the public

The 411 on mass produced magazine articles and video for the public

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30 August 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen who want information about the golf swing, please be aware of information drivel on the Internet. Golf magazines, The Golf Channel and information from celebrity instructors, they are competing for your golf dollars. These groups share one thing in common: the more you watch or read, the more money they make. The more money they make, the more drivel they produce.

Here is an example of celebrity golf drivel: Hank Haney came out with a video, “How to Fix a Flat Swing.” Who said a “flat swing” needs fixing? Ben Hogan’s swing, which is thought to be quite good, is considered flat as his hands barely reach the height of his right shoulder if not lower than his right shoulder. Hogan is widely regarded as one of the best ball strikers ever. Therefore, is a flat swing necessarily bad? No, not at all. Then why does Mr. Haney say it needs to be fixed? The reason is he wants you to think it’s bad, which will lead you to change it, leading you to make other changes in order to fit his model, buy his videos, endorsed gadgets and enroll in his schools.

You make think my position is quite harsh but let’s look at humanity. Everyone is different. Therefore, my contention is there is no such thing as too flat or too steep. What is missing is having an instructor who knows how to construct the proper alignments that fit you and not fit you to some imprecise model. Many people will say they have read The Golfing Machine and understand it and can teach you the proper alignments, but our instructors have been through extensive training to learn how to construct the proper alignments for YOU! Our Authorized Instructors can be found on our website at:

Videos and articles produced for the masses only serve one purpose and that is to line the pockets of the celebrity instructor, magazine or TV channel with money. If you want to throw your golf dollars away please continue to buy these videos, watch The Golf Channel and purchase magazines. If you want to learn to apply proper techniques to your golf game, increase your knowledge about YOUR golf motion, improve your golf stroke, increase your golf competency and eventually lower your score. You can increase your enjoyment by using proven geometric alignments, learning your stroke pattern and then take your golf dollar and invest in yourself and your golf game with a Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor.