References in TGM

References in TGM

Education, Geometry

18 November 2011

When we learn a something new it must be taught so it makes sense. Not everyone has difficulty with the same concepts. For example some people immediately understand that a circle has 360 degrees, others however have difficulty understanding it. Another example using the circle is that it also has 6.28 radians. Some people grasp this concept immediately while others have great difficulty comprehending it. Our job as Authorized Instructors of The Golfing Machine is to introduce you to concepts, their operation and how to use them effectively.

The Golfing Machine introduces you to concepts which will make you a better golfer. Plane, Flat Left Wrist and Clubhead Lag are just a few. For example understanding why the Plane is important, how to use it and its benefits. The development of the Plane concept is to control the Clubshaft, although you cannot physically take a Plane onto the golf course you can take the image. As you practice being on Plane it is this image that you can take with you whenever you practice or play.

As you begin to understand the importance of being on plane you will see the value of how it controls your Clubshaft. As we all know attached to the Clubshaft is the Clubhead and where every the Clubshaft goes the Clubhead will follow; it has no choice. Therefore, when you begin to apply the concept of being on Plane to your golf motion by default you will also be controlling the direction of the Clubhead. This concept is exactly the same as the understanding how to use a hammer. The handle of the hammer has the head of the hammer attached to it. Therefore, where ever you take the handle the head of the hammer will surely follow. Now the question is how precisely can use the hammer to hit a nail? If you strike the nail off center then the nail bends and it’s no good. Similarly if you bring the shaft of the club toward the ball incorrectly the head will not hit the ball properly. However, with the attention of an Authorized Instructor of The Golfing Machine you can learn how to control the Clubshaft which in turn will give you better control of the Clubhead.