Impact and TGM

Impact and TGM

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07 February 2012

Many of you have listened or read about the results derived from the time of Impact. Although, this short time frame between .2 to .4 of a millisecond is quite small the outcome is quite profound. This particular blog is to assist the reader/golfer in making sense of some of this information regarding other variables that effect post impact response.

According to the Rules of Golf the Player must take a backstroke, the reason this becomes important is to remind us that the Clubshaft, Clubhead and Clubface are in motion. Other, variables to remember are: Hand height, Wrist motion, arm motion, right wrist motion, knee motion, hip motion, shoulder elevation, spine column alignment, Clubshaft bend, clubface angle, clubface direction, Clubhead path.

When you have hit your best shot all of these above factors have a certain relationship and when you have hit your worse shot they also have a relationship. However, everyone wants to repeat the best shot relationships. If you were to only concentrate on what was occurring during the .2 to .4 of a millisecond between Impact and Separation improvement would be difficult because a lot of motion took place during the backstroke to setup the motion that would occur during the Downstroke which in fact crated the Impact alignments. Therefore, everything which came before Impact has a bearing on it and should be understood.

Thankfully, Mr. Kelley wrote The Golfing Machine for us to follow; He truly understood in Chapter 8 that the golf stroke included everything from taking a look at your upcoming shot and concluding with Finish. Each of the 12 Sections has equal importance if one Section is overlooked then the whole stroke is affected.

For more information on how to make your motion and to increase your golfing skills contact an Authorized Instructor of The Golfing Machine.