Hip Bump Myth or Reality

Hip Bump Myth or Reality

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18 June 2014

I received a question regarding "hip bump"

“Does the transition hip bump happen simultaneously with the drop of the rear shoulder, or before the drop? I see instructors suggest practicing that bump as a separate move. Harvey Penick says its one move, not two. I'm confused.”

May I say with all due respect the term "hip bump" is a myth!

The words "Hip Bump" do not explain the complexity involved with "Hip Turn" from Mr. Kelley's The Golfing Machine text 2-H and 7-14. The motion of the Hip Turn begins from the Foot Action 7-17 through Knee Action 7-16 up through Hip Turn and into Hip Action 7-15 which "Tilts the Axis" 7-13. Unfortunately, many teaching professionals want to make golf a simple motion, which is like saying the human body is a simple organism. Mr. Kelley states "Treating a complex subject or action as though it were simple, multiplies its complexity because of the difficulty in systematizing missing and unknown factors or elements". When both (the motion and organism) are working correctly they look and seem simple, however, when one part is not working the simplicity is gone and you are left with a complex motion or organism which only a person with a complete understanding of the motion or organism can analyze, diagnose and then prepare a prescription for correction.

The answer lies in taking your Golfing Machine text read, re-read, study and learn the operation of this complex motion they call "hip bump". Mr. Kelley knew that people like you Al exist and are not content with ordinary "simple" explanations he said "Does it all seem as if it would just "take too long"? What if you had worked out one step each week - or each month - for the last two years? Or the last five years? How about the next two? Or five? At the very worst, it's the guided struggle versus the blind struggle. With this book you can do a lot of learning in your armchair".

I hope this passage leads you in a direction where you can learn and then apply which will eventually become part of your G.O.L.F. procedure.