Congratulations - Justin Rose!

Congratulations - Justin Rose!

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19 June 2013

Congratulations Justin Rose!

Sunday June 16th, 2013 – Justin Rose's final round of golf, in the U.S. Open at Merion came to a close. It culminated with a drive on No. 18 landing near the famous Ben Hogan plaque and a beautiful 4-iron shot that skirted just past the hole. From that position just on the fringe he chipped to within an inch and putted for a par 4. As his fellow Briton and playing partner Luke Donald finished his round Mr. Rose was holding back tears of joy. Joy that he later would state was because his deceased Father would be proud.

Pride? A word not often used in Professional golf any longer. Pride - a state which I seldom view our current PGA Tour players as possessing. Pride - an emotion which I shared with Mr. Rose. As he spoke during his interview he was extremely gracious, polite, humble and proud of his accomplishment. Mr. Rose told the people of Philadelphia that, even as a Briton, he was treated well during his week in Philly.  He referenced that although the crowed rooted for their favorite son - Phil Mickelson, they also appreciated his effort throughout the day.

During his interview  Mr. Rose looked skyward he gave thanks to his father on our Father’s Day, the man who introduced him to golf, the one who taught him pride, the one who taught his son that golf was a journey and that he should respect the sport and those around it.

Mr. Rose listened and learned from his Father and, from my vantage being a golfer for 40 years and a Professional for 30 years, Mr. Rose makes me proud to be a golfer!