Advantages of TGM Lessons

Advantages of TGM Lessons

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07 February 2012

I am asked regularly about the advantages of taking lessons from Golfing Machine Authorized Instructors. My response is simply that the Authorized Instructors of The Golfing Machine have the best training in assisting you with developing your stroke pattern. 

A stroke pattern is a compilation of movements, concepts and requirements which a student uses that creates their best shots. Mr. Kelley understood that today’s stroke pattern will be better than yesterday’s; meaning that your stroke pattern will evolve until you have acquired and refined your personal pattern.

Many golf instructors use Tour Players as models and the one thing that all Tour Players have in common is that they all have different stroke patterns, which is why it makes them so interesting to watch. For example two of the best ball strikers ever were Ben Hogan and Mo Norman. When you look at their motions you see immediately notice the difference between them. Mr. Hogan has his knees flexed at address Mr. Norman’s knees are much more straight. Mr. Hogan’s swing is more around his body compared to Mr. Norman’s more upright motion. How can these talented players look so different? The answer lies within each player, they worked on their stroke pattern for years perfecting it to their satisfaction and we are witnessing the fruits of that labor.

Today golf instruction is fractioned on how to best “hit” a golf ball. Does the club come from the inside or the outside? Is the clubface open, closed or square at Impact? Should I stand closer or farther away? Should I be more upright or flatter? The answer is to do what you like under the guidance of a Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor who can assist you in the evolution of your pattern. With 446 quadrillion variations in The Golfing Machine text which includes swinging from the outside in or the inside out and everything in between I am sure that inside Mr. Kelley’s book there is a pattern that will suit you, and let’s face it this is all about you, it your pattern, your swing, your game… you should love it!