TGM and the Spanish PGA

TGM and the Spanish PGA

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29 October 2012

October 30, 2012


As I was waiting for breakfast this morning I thought I would look up TGM on the internet and behold an article about me! However, the picture is not ME! But the article is nice.



Joe Daniels, President of The Golfing Machine, will be in Madrid from 30 to 31 October to offer the I seminar of "The Golfing Machine" at the National Institute of physical education (INEF) in Madrid. The seminar, which is an authentic revolution in the teaching of golf, is presented by the Association of professionals of Golf of Spain (PGAe) that offers this course in the service of the professionals.


"The Golfing Machine" is an organization dedicated to the study of the golf swing from a technical, scientific point of view and biomechanical. The publication of the book "The Golfing Machine" in 1969, written by Homer Kelly, after several decades of deep research, caused a real revolution in the world of golf.

After 40 years of evolution and development, "The Golfing Machine" remains in the technical and scientific forefront of golf and is a reference technique par excellence that has served as inspiration to many schools to develop their own lines of teaching: Leadbetter, Cook, Leithz (Trackman)... the list is endless.

With the improvement in the accuracy of measurement systems companies, thanks to the development of cutting-edge equipment, have become famous for publishing theories and data were described by Kelley in his book. This golf swing teaching technique not advocated a system in particular, but it lists the different alternatives that have the body to perform an effective swing.

"The Golfing Machine supplies the instructor tools you need to be more successful with their students." "The Golfing Machine concepts allow identify problems easily, assess what is happening, and choose from a variety of directions to better help students," explains Joe Daniels, President of "The Golfing Machine" that will present the seminar in INEF.

An example of this method is the Australian professional Steve Elkington, who has spent 12 years working with the book of Homer. "A decade ago I went to see one of the teachers of The Golfing Machine, after winning 'The Players' tournament." Vi paste a ball, and I knew instantly that this swing had a mathematical advantage. "I've been working with the book of Homer Kelley The Golfing Machine for 12 years and I have seen that in the highest level of competition and with the most demanding conditions of pressure was fulfilled each sentence of the book."

The PGAe offers Spanish professionals this first seminar in the facilities of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (INEF) from 30 to 31 October.