BIA™ One to One Tutoring

Students looking to be provided with private personal instruction in all aspects of the BIA™ System ranging from study organization and guidelines to understanding specific concepts and applications found in the Level One and Level Two texts may receive personal educational tutoring sessions. Scheduling is flexible and requires no travel as all instruction is provided via mobile resources such as SKYPE. Students may enroll at any time.

  • Flexible Schedule by appointment.
  • One to One Private and Personalized.
  • Building block and progression format.

BIA™ One to One Pre-Class Course Preparation

The first step towards earning credentialing in the BIA™ System begins with this mandatory prerequisite program for both the Level One and Level Two Classes. Once enrolled and after a period of reading and orientation with either the Level One or Level Two materials, the course commences with weekly private one to one class sessions to review each chapter’s key constructs and end of chapter questions.

Guidelines for improved study and enhancement to the learning process are provided each week. The weekly appointments prior to class attendance run for approximately a 10 to 12 week period. Scheduling of each weekly session is by appointment and requires no travel as all instruction is provided via mobile resources such as SKYPE. Successful completion of these programs grants entry into each BIA™ class.

  • The entire program commences approximately 6 months prior to the next available scheduled BIA™ Level One and Level Two class.
  • Learning is customized and tailored while emphasizing the key constructs needed for successful class participation and testing.
  • Complete preparation for all aspects of class attendance and testing is provided.

BIA™ Level One Class

Level I uses the material from The Golfing Machine text, the BIA™ Level One text and the Illustrated Atlas of Musculoskeletal Anatomy text. Goals of the Level One class and testing include:

  • Understand the structure, organization, and basic biomechanical functions of the human body along with the applications to the golfer.
  • Develop a Golfing Machine-Human Machine interrelationship of the golf science technique with the biomechanical performance aspects of motor learning.
  • Become familiar with the BIA™ System including all the tools by which analysis of performance is conducted.
  • Separate myth from fact by increasing knowledge and understanding of the physiological functions and mechanical operations of the human body.
  • Applications to professional work with golfers are provided.

BIA Level Two Class:

This class utilizes the material from the BIA Level Two Text: The Science of Exercise, Nutrition, and Performance. Goals of the Level Two class and testing include:

  • Understanding the key principles associated with the sciences of exercise, nutrition, and performance as well as the application to the golfer. This includes key terminology as well as connections to the Golfing Machine.
  • Separate and understand the key features by which technique, performance, conditioning, and nutrition are defined and utilized by each discipline’s professional.
  • Receive an orientation to human physiology from an exercise science perspective and understand how nutrition and exercise represent two key aspects of the energy balance and utilization relationship.
  • Differentiate motor learning from aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.
  • Become introduced to the Golf Competency Index™ and its application to the strategic management process of the golfer by the professional.