"Amazing! Just what I was looking for. It exceeded my expectations."

- Justin Roser, GSEB

Our mission is to educate, train and support
professional golf instructors around the world.

The Golfing Machine is the premier advanced learning system for professional golf instructors worldwide. Based on Homer Kelley’s classic textbook, "The Golfing Machine", this instruction system has been improving golf strokes since 1969. Our instruction relies on science — simple geometry and everyday physics — to enhance golf instructors' observation skills and allow them to better analyze, diagnose and improve each student’s unique golf stroke.







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TGM Level I, TGM Level II, and GSEM Classes and The Golfing Machine Workshops are held at various locations around the world.

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BIA™ serves as the link by which those engaged in Golf Instruction, Golf Performance, and Golf Rehabilitation may interrelate in a more synergistic manner.

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