What are some of the benefits of the BIA™ classes?

BIA™ education will provide the TGM Authorized Instructor, Health Care Provider, and Exercise Professional with:

  • A new TGM-BIA™ Credential
  • A listing on the TGM Website
  • An enhanced and expansive ability to increase the specificity of services offered to golfers with a “shared responsibility” approach in creating the most effective and efficient instruction, treatment, or conditioning protocols possible.
  • Greater opportunity to network and form synergistic alliances with complementary professionals providing services to golfers.
  • Greater opportunity for new sources of referrals as well as the most effective capacity to tailor services specific to the functional capacity as well as current golf stroke skill level.
  • Increased creativity with better use of time management in creating structured but multi-faceted sessions, enhanced practice protocols, along with higher precision and customization through the incorporation of the TGM-BIA™ Fusion Process.