“The Golfing Machine” textbook has been used worldwide since 1969 for teaching the game of golf. Created by Homer Kelley, The Golfing Machine golf instruction system gained a devoted following which has continued to grow for over 40 years. Homer’s vision was to create an Authorized Instructor network so instructors could share the knowledge contained in his book and ensure its proper instruction for golfers worldwide. Up to his death in 1983, Homer worked diligently to realize that vision.

The Golfing Machine, LLC was established in 2002 with the goals to reignite its authorized instructor program, continue its expansion worldwide, promote "The Golfing Machine" text, and establish a professional organization that provides continuing education and information on "The Golfing Machine" to professional golf instructors and the public.

The company’s educational programs are based on the book "The Golfing Machine." They present an accurate interpretation and application of the simple geometry and common physics as a comprehensive catalog of options to instructors and amateurs alike, allowing them to further understand the golf swing and make accurate and informed decisions on technique.

Since 2002, the organization has authorized hundreds of new instructors, offered classes in Europe and the U.S., published “The Golfing Machine” – 7th Edition, hosted Authorized Instructor Teaching s each year and celebrated its 40th Anniversary and been covered in recognized publications including Golf Week and Sports Illustrated.